Disrespect or Respect @ Hungry Ghost

I put the most luscious doughnut into my mouth only to have one of the worst things that could happen occur. A huge chunk of frosted cinnamon goodness dropped onto the floor.

If only every constellation was as sweet as the gluttonous monster of a pastry remaining in my hands for more bites and blissful enjoyment. Such is this doughnut from “Dough.” It’s as big as a hamburger and as chewy as it is flaky, with an even balance of sweetness and a satisfying finish. It’s what gluten should be.

Good thing I took a couple of bites before I whipped out my lap top... because as soon as I did, I had to ponder...

Did Hungry Ghost disrespect this doughnut by handing it to me in a brown paper bag with simply a pastry sheet and no plate?

Did Hungry Ghost disrespect me by having every hip seat adorn a note that rejected my laptop? Did they take it too far by purposefully having no outlets in the entire shop?

“Sorry,” the Ghost Worker said when I asked about charging my Mac Book.

He ain’t sorry.

Yet still I’m here enjoying the A/C on a warm summer day and thinking about who I can tell about this doughnut shop. I mean coffee shop with great doughnuts that happens to be next door to Doughnut Plant. The Ghost Worker said that their coffee was better than theirs, which I believe-- it’s got this unapologetically smooth bitterness to it that lets you know it came straight from a real bean.

So with my laptop battery at 54% percent and a mouth full of dough, I can say I’m slightly less hungry, and soon to be a ghost of this cool-enough cafe.

Brooklyn, NY.

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